Residential Projects Dublin Meath and Louth

Kieran Callaghan Electrical Ltd is employed as an electrical subcontractor on our residential schemes comprising of over 500 new homes at developments in the greater Dublin area, Co. Meath and Co. Louth.

We have been working with Kieran Callaghan Electrical Ltd on our Residential sites since 2015. They have consistently delivered a high standard across each of our sites without exception.

The on-site staff are competent and reliable, the standard of work produced is very high and this has been maintained by their company across each of our sites. This has all been led by a management team at Kieran Callaghan Electrical Ltd that have responded to the demands and requirements of each of our sites and have adapted accordingly to suit our budgets and programmes.

We have found Kieran Callaghan Electrical Ltd very knowledgeable in relation to electrical specification and any upcoming changes to regulations. They have worked well along with all of our Design Teams and have provided their skills and knowledge to help our schemes keep ahead of any changes in this field.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Kieran Callaghan Electrical Ltd, they will perform and deliver to the highest standard s on projects of any size.

Charles Reilly, Director of Fajon Construction ( Mc Garrell Reilly Group)